Team Brolic Physiques


Testimonies mean a lot! Here are just a few testimonies so that you can get insight straight from the clients. Feel free to also search The Chamber by Brolic Physiques LLC on Google for more reviews.

TiaraThis place is the TRUTH! If you're looking to make a transformation get personal training here!


ChristianAfter golds gym for about 4 years and the trainers, I wanted to switch it up. I starting hearing about the chamber and the group there, I decided to try it out once. I felt to welcomed and felt so motivated by all the trainers and didn’t feel like other trainers; that you pay, you workout for 45 minutes and no results really. They break it down their plans in a simple and understandable process and you can see results within weeks! Even days! 5 out of 5 stars for the staff and facility!


PatsyThe Chamber is a great place to go if you want real personal training. The trainers are passionate about what they do and will definitely help you reach your fitness goals. I have been going there for little over one month and notice changes already. I am completely satisfied and this place is highly recommended.


ErickaI’m a regular client of the Chamber/ Brolic Physique. Over the past year I’ve followed a realistic meal plan to help reach my fitness goals. In addition to me doing a fitness competition which I placed in 3 categories. The coach and staff helped insure that I received “Quality” training and assistance to feel confident to compete on stage. During the Pandemic the Chamber has been diligent with cleaning and ensuring a safe environment to its clients. I highly recommend Brolic Physique.